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€120 000 Sponsorship Competition!

The dream of all poker lovers is now here. Take the opportunity to be coached by some of Sweden’s best poker players and get a sponsorship deal worth up to € 120,000!

Between April to June PointPoker will give away 12 sponsorship deals to players who manage to qualify in Point Poker Sponsorship Competition. Each sponsorship deal is worth € 10,000 and each player has a chance to win several sponsorship deals during this period. This means that one lucky player has a chance to win all 12 sponsorship agreements and thus be € 120,000 richer!

There are two ways to qualify for a sponsorship agreement worth € 10,000 and for each new week starts a new chance!

To know what is included in each sponsorship agreement read Terms & Condition at the bottom of this page.

SC Tournament qualifier Method 1: PointPoker created a special contest for players who love playing tournaments. A total of six sponsor contracts are awarded to players who choose to qualify through this qualification method.

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SC Challenge qualifier method 2: PointPoker created a contest for players who love playing cash games. Your aim is to collect as many VIP points as possible. A total of six sponsor contracts are awarded to players who choose to qualify through this qualification method.

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How to signup

  • Uninstall your current Point poker installation if you already have it.
  • NOTE! Dont forget to clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Download poker program and send us your name, email and nick from this link

Terms & Conditions

  • A player that wins a sponsorship agreement receives a bankroll to a value of € 10,000.
  • If a player wins multiple sponsorship agreements the players bankroll will be increased with another € 10,000 for each sponsorship agreement won.
  • Player undertakes to write at least one blog post per week about his/her poker playing, which will be published on PointPoker.
  • A sponsored player who plays with the sponsored bankroll may retain 50% of any profits and 50% of any monthly promotion (eg PointPoker Challenge Rake Races, which runs every month with a prize pool of between € 15,000, € 30,000).
  • A sponsored player plays with 30% rakeback while being sponsored and retains 50% of this rakeback.
  • PointPoker has the right to publish the picture and name of the sponsored player.
  • The player will be coached by a professional poker player appointed by PointPoker.
  • The player will receive help with bankroll management. Therefore, the player will be guided by his coach how much of the profit from the original sponsored bankroll of € 10,000 the player may withdraw each month. The goal is that the player will become better and better and able to play at higher levels.
  • The player can not withdraw money from the sponsored bankroll if the total value of the sponsored bankroll is € 10,000 or less.
  • The players coach will decide what level / buy-in the player may play based on the player’s previous experience / knowledge of poker and how well/how bad the player is running.
  • The coach will determine how much of the bankroll the player can lose in one day. This will be done by a transfer to the sponsored poker player account each day. This is done to optimize the bankroll management for the player and for the coach to be able to coach the player in best possible way. This also avoids the player from tilting and losing too much money in one single day.
  • The coach will estimate how much daily bankroll the player needs depending on the player’s experience / knowledge and history during the sponsorship period. The idea is that the player must improve his/her game and in return receive a larger daily bankroll and be able to climb in levels as the players become a better poker player.
  • The player agrees to only play at PointPoker with the sponsored bankroll.
  • The player may get approval by his/her coach to use a part of the sponsored bankroll to play live events. The coach will then through consultation with the player decide which live event the player may play and how much of the bankroll may be used. The player commits to always represent PointPoker during these events and play in PointPoker branded clothes.
  • The player can not withdraw money from the sponsored bankroll without his/her coach approval first.
  • If the Player violates the rules and guidelines for the sponsorship agreement or by any means violates the Entraction Network rules, PointPoker may withdraw the sponsorship agreement and the sponsored bankroll at any time.
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