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SC Challenge qualifier Method 2

SC Challenge qualifying practice 2
A race will start every monday on each Challenge Qualifier week. The player who collects the most VIP points during each weekly race will win a €10.000 sponsorship deal. Places 2-8 will win cash prizes. The leaderboard resets before the start of the next Challenge qualifier week.

Objective: To collect as many VIP points as possible in one week.

How to participate in the SC Challenge race:
To participate in the SC Challenge race, send an email with your username and the subject “SC Challenge Qualifier X” to info@pointpoker.com

X = Write the number of the Qualifiers you intend to participate in.

Example: if you want to play the third qualifier that’s between the dates May 16 to May 22, then write “SC Challenge Qualifier 3” in the email subject.


1. Players who participate in the SC Challenge may bring a maximum of € 500 to their poker account during the contest period.

IMPORTANT: It is OK to have more money in the cashier / betting or casino account, these sums do not count towards the maximum limit of € 500 a player may use during the race.

2. If a player transfers (or starts the contest with) more than € 500 to their poker account during the contest period, the player will be disqualified from the contest.

3. It is OK to start the race with a lower amount than € 500 in the poker account and then make several transfers from the cashier / betting or casino account during the contest period to a maximum amount of € 500 without being disqualified.

Example: A player starts the challenge race with € 250 in their poker account. On day four of the competition the player chooses to pass on additional € 250 to their poker account from the casino account. The player will NOT be disqualified because the total sum transferred to the poker account doesn’t exceed the maximum sum of €500.

Any player violating the transfer maximum during a SC Challenge period will be disqualified and removed from the competition. PointPoker will make a final check at the end of each SC Challenge period that no player has broken this rule.

SC challenge leaderboard table fare structure

Place Prize
1 Sponsorship worth €10.000
2 €200
3 €100
4 €75
5 €50
6 €25
7 €25
8 €25

Qualifying Schedule

April 18-April 24 SC Challenge 1
May 2 to May 8 SC Challenge 2
May 16 to May 22 SC Challenge 3
May 30-June 5 SC Challenge 4
June 13-June 17 SC Challenge 5
June 27-July 3 SC Challenge 6

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