• Cashback: Up to 40%
  • Bonus: Up to $2,000
  • Bonus %: Up to 200%
  • License



1. Important    

  • Uninstall your current Betsson installation if you already have it.
  • Dont forget to clear your browser’s cookies.

2. Download    

  • Download the poker client & register

3. Register    


  • Send us your name, email and nick from this link
  • Needed for Cashback

About Betsson

At Betsson you have the option to play on both Ongame and Microgaming with only one account so you can be sure to never run out of action. You will see tournaments starting up almost every minute and players waiting to have a seat at the juicy cash games. Betsson offers a wide range of races every month giving the players maximum value. Add this to an extraordinary VIP programme with up to 40% in cashback through Pokergirl and you’ll have the best deal possible. Don’t hesitate to sign up now and get your start up bonus immediately!
Note: Betsson is not available for Danish players

Sign up bonus:
In terms of getting your sign up bonus you will need to collect a certain amount of Player Points. For every $1 attributed rake or tournament fee you will receive 3.6 Player Points. Check the scheme below to see the different deposit bonuses available. To activate your bonus simply choose the desired bonus name from the dropdown menu when transferring money to your poker account.

Bonus Code Deposit Bonus Percentage Req. Players Points Days to clear
OPOKER150 $150 100 1500 60
OPOKER555 $555 100 4440 60
OPOKER1000 $1,000 200 8000 60
OPOKER1600 $1,600 100 16000 60
OPOKER2000 $2,000 200 16000 29

Sign up bonus Microgaming:
Choose between three deposit bonuses which can be activated from My account -> Bonuses -> Available. The bonus will be released in blocks according to the table below. Note that you have to rake €5 for every €1 in bonus within 60 days. Check out the following scheme for more information:

Bonus Code Bonus Amount Bonus Payout
MPOKER100 € 100 4 blocks
MPOKER300 € 300 3 blocks
MPOKER1000 € 1,000 2 blocks

VIP Program for Betsson Ongame:
Cashback will be paid out on the 1st in every month and will be determined on your Player Points collected in the previous month. As soon as you create an account you are registered for cashback. You earn Player Points through cash games or tournaments. See which level you will reach and how much extra value you will receive by the schedule below:

Level Cashback Monthly Requirements 12 Months Average
Challenger 4% 500 PP
Expert 11% 3,000 PP
Ultimate 16% 6,000 PP
Pro 26% 6,000 PP
SuperPro 36% 20,000 PP

In order to get to the Pro level you need to accumulate 12 x 6,000 = 72,000 Player Points and maintain an average of 6,000 monthly Player Points from the previously 12 months. Likewise for SuperPro where you will get the best of the best. Once you have maintained SuperPro for a period of time you might even get it topped and receive up to 40% cashback. This will however be an individual judgement.

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