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Double up Sit ‘n’ Go


Fancy winning your share of $150,000?

Throughout October Betfred Poker is offering some fantastic cash prizes. Simply play in as many ‘Double Up’ Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments for the chance to claim your share of the kitty.

The promotion will consist of a weekly leaderboard and a monthly leaderboard across THREE staking levels. This means that you’re only competing with player’s playing similar stakes giving you the best possible chance of winning a cash prize.

Calculation of leaderboard points

  • For a tournament won: Buy-in ×2
  • For a tournament lost: Buy-in

Calculation periods:

  • First: October 1st 00:00 – October 7th 23:59.
  • Second: October 8th 00:00 – October 14th 23:59.
  • Third: October 15th 00:00 – October 21st 23:59.
  • Fourth: October 22nd 00:00 – October 28th 23:59.
  • Monthly: October 1st 00:00 – October 31st 23:59.

Weekly Prizepool

$1-$5 $10-$30 $50 +
Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize
1st $500.00 1st $1,500.00 1st $3,500.00
2nd $300.00 2nd $1,200.00 2nd $2,700.00
3rd $210.00 3rd $900.00 3rd $1,800.00
4th $150.00 4th $600.00 4th $1,200.00
5th $120.00 5th $540.00 5th $1,050.00
6th $105.00 6th $420.00 6th $750.00
7th $75.00 7th $360.00 7th $600.00
8th $60.00 8th $300.00 8th $540.00
9th $54.00 9th $240.00 9th $450.00
10th $48.00 10th $180.00 10th $270.00
11th-20th $36.00 11th-20th $90.00 11th-20th $210.00
21st-30th $24.00 21st-30th $60.00 21st-30th $120.00
31st-75th $12.00 31st-40th $45.00 31st-40th $90.00
76th-150th $6.00 41st-50th $33.00 41st-50th $60.00
51st-75th $24.00
Weekly Prizepool 1 Weekly Prizepool 2 Weekly Prizepool 3

Monthly Prizepool

Players will be group-ranked by their final position on every week during the four weeks of the promotion, and “bubble players” will also be included in the monthly leaderboard. Determination of a player’s final rank is according to the lowest rank during the four weeks, as per the below table:

Leaderboard $1-$5 Leaderboard $10-$30 Leaderboard $50+
Rank Weekly Places Final Prize Weekly Places Final Prize Weekly Places Final Prize
Platinum 1st-15th $500.00 1st-8th $2500.00 1st-5th $5000.00
Gold 16th-45th $150.00 9th-24th $750.00 6th-15th $1500.00
Silver 46th-90th $50.00 25th-48th $250.00 16th-30th $500.00
Bronze 91st-180th $25.00 49th-90th $125.00 31st-60th $250.00
Monthly Prizepool 1 Monthly Prizepool 2 Monthly Prizepool 3

Leaderboards $1-5 Leaderboards $10-$30 Leaderboards $50+
Bubble Players Weekly Places 151st-180th Weekly
76th-90th Weekly

Example A
Finishing 1st, 16th, 7th and 5th in consecutive weeks in the $1-$5 leaderboard will result in a ‘Gold’ Final Prize being awarded ($150) as the lowest position (16th) achieved is taken into account.

Finishing 10th, 16th, 4th and 31st in consecutive weeks in the $50+ leaderboard will result in a ‘Bronze’ final Prize being awarded ($250) as the lowest position (31st) achieved is taken into account.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The rankings for the leaderboards are based on the accumulation of Leaderboard Points, based on the following formula:
    • For a tournament won by the player: Tournament buy-in*2
    • For a tournament lost by the player: Tournament buy-in
  2. Only registrations to “Double up” tournaments are eligible to leaderboard points. The qualifying tournaments are those with all the words “Double up” in the tournament name. Heads up tournaments and “Triple up” tournaments are not eligible for leaderboard points.
  3. Prizes will be awarded to the top ranking players in the leaderboards based on the payout structure above.
  4. Interrupted tournaments do not count towards this promotion. A tournament must be played to completion in order for the players to be eligible for leaderboard points.
  5. In case there is a tie between players’ leaderboard points in paid places, all players with that number of points will be issued an average amount of their prize (as per their positions).
  6. Monthly leaderboard:
    • Only players who’ll play for three weeks on the same leaderboard stake, and will finish in the paid places will be eligible to the inclusive leaderboard prizes. Participation in different stakes leaderboard for three weeks will not award players with any prize.
    • Players can win prizes on more than one inclusive leaderboards by participating in more than one stake for three weeks.
  7. Weekly Leaderboards will be updated on a daily basis, up to 12:00 GMT.
  8. Monthly Leaderboards will be updated on a weekly basis, up to 12:00 GMT
  9. iPoker reserves the right to refuse payment to any player which is found colluding.
  10. Payments will be made up to 3 days from the leaderboard completion.
  11. iPoker may amend/cancel the promotion at its sole discretion at any given time.
  12. Tournaments are counted towards this promotion based on their start time.
  13. All decisions made by iPoker/Betfred are final.

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