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  • Rakeback: None
  • Bonus: None
  • License:
  • Referral code: pokergirl

  • Network: Enet
  • Players: 1.000
  • Rakerace: No



1. Important



  • Uninstall your current Pinocchio installation if you already have it.
  • Dont forget to clear your browser’s cookies.

2. Download



  • Download the poker program & Register

3. Register



  • Send us your name, email and nick from this link
  • Needed for Rakeback

About Pinocchio Poker

Pinocchio Poker is a part of the Enet network. They exclusively allow israelis, italians and spanish players only on their network.
The sensational thing about Pinocchio Poker is that you can signup through Pokergirl.nu as the ONLY affiliate in Scandinavia! – You will though, get no rakeback deals, nor bonusses that Pokergirl.nu usually are known for. Pinocchio Poker are running a comp points system from where you can use your points to buyin to selected tours (the players here as well are as bad as they get) :)
SICK VALUE! – Its hard NOT to accumulate money on this network
Remember to use the referral code ”pokergirl” when signing up!”

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