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Everest Poker Rakeback

Everest Poker Rakeback

Everestpoker are known for its extremely soft games. Everest is the largest pokerbrand in France and has had a phenomenal ability to attract fish. This deal is for the players who wants to combine good bonuses with great value.

Everest appeal to smaller players that like smaller events and freerolls.

VIP Summit Club. Cash in $50-$5000 a month

Remember to join the VIP Summit Club when you have made an account

IMPORTANT: When you signup it says “referred by a friend” Write: Pokergirl_dk

Facts about Everest Poker

Rakeback: 12 – 64%

Network: Independent

Software: Gigamedia

Players: 20.000

Owner: Everest Gaming Ltd.

Gambling license: Class 3, Malta

How to signup

  • Uninstall your current Everest Poker installation if you already have it.
  • NOTE! Dont forget to clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Download the poker program and send us your name, email and nick from this link

If u already have a Everest account:

which you haven’t used in awhile, you can get it reactivated if you send your info to pokergirl@pokergirl.nu – then we’ll take care of the rest.

Everest Poker are taxfree within the EU

All our deal are tax-free except Uncoverpoker, NoPro Poker, Fulltilt and Pokerstars


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